Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vivawoman May 2011 Giveaway

WOOOO! I'M FINALLY BACK AFTER A LOOOOOONG BREAK~~ hahaha hope i still rmb how to blog. anw OFF TO BUSINESS!

so anw i was surfing facebook and suddenly... DUNDUNDUN!!! Vivawoman is having a May giveawayyy! BOOOYAH!! go to and participate XD $450 worth of goodies lehhh dun praypray (okayyy apologies for being damn lame but this JC student is TIRED) there are 2 ways to enter; one by facebook, one by commenting or promoting. so yeahhh go see what's up for grabs and choose what you want :) HURRYHURRYHURRY and participate. i know you want to~

so, watcha choosing? XD

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