Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vivawoman May 2011 Giveaway


weeeeee~ hahahaha! i just received it yesterday in the mail. and can i tell you, i'm perfectly thrilled! i received the Lemon+Sage one XD

sooooo sorry tht i cant post up pictures of it Xp my camera is out of whack and anyway, i'm in school... owell, will hope to do a review on it XD

so anw here i am again to remind you guys about Vivawoman's ( AWESOME GIVEAWAY! visit for more details!

sooooo whatcha choosing? ALL OF THEM ARE GREATGREAT GIFTS TO ME!!! i had difficulty choosing one X( but in the end i settled with Boots handcream & eyeshadow plus Thai eye pillow & facial herbal compress. I SHALL HOPE AND PRAY AND CROSS MAH FINGERS FOR THE RESULTS OF THE GIVEAWAY!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bliss Giveaway by

did you know?

winners of the Bliss giveaway are going to be determined by lucky draw aka write your name on strips of paper, put inside a bag and extract one. so cute!! hahaha i was always a sucker for that kinda technique. hahaha! which variant are you hoping to get? i was thinking blood orange but the thought of white pepper is making me think that the soap's gonna be smelling spicy so i thought "hey, why not lemon and sage? sage sounds nice" but then again, i'm not exactly a fan of lemon for god knows what reason. and its gonna remind me of dishwashing liquid! (but then again, there's where sage comes in, to differentiate it between dishwashing and body wash) owells, i'm sure whatever it is, i'll be happy enough if i win XD

wanna participate in this giveaway to win Bliss Soapy Suds Body Wash+ Bubble Bath minis? visit for details now!

Bliss Giveaway by

hey guys! if you just came and missed my previous 3 posts and are a little sotong, is having a giveaway!! YAYAYAYAYAAYAAAA! hahahahaa! 5 bottles of Bliss Body Wash and Bubbling Bath are going to be given away, in 2 variants; blood orange+white pepper and lemon+sage. i dunno abt you, but it sounds quite promising, especially since it has dual purposes! (for description of the gifts, refer to previous blog post)

here's how it looks like:

*Disclaimer: Image by

participate in the giveaway now! visit

Bliss Giveaway by

Hey guys! (again :) )

i've got questions from my friends asking what Bliss Soapy Suds Body Wash+ Bubbling Bath is. well, its a soap (obviously!) that is vigorously scented and foams to cleanse and nurture your skin, making it extremely supple. ANDANDAND the awesome part is that it can be used as a normal soap for your shower OR as a bubble bath solution! awesome or what?? description says "apply as a body wash to awaken your shower or slightly splash into the bath for a more invigorating soak" Lastly, its paraben free.

So, good huh? Are you a Bliss fan? Or has this piqued your interest to try it? Enter this awesome giveaway by now to win it! 5 bottles are going to be given away, either in Lemon+Sage or in Blood Orange+ White Pepper. So go ahead and try your luck! it just might be your lucky day!

Visit for details XD

Bliss Giveaway by

hey guys! NEWSFLASH: the mini giveaway organised by (bliss soapy suds body wash and bubbling bath minis) ends today at 11.59pm. so, if you haven't participated yet, do so now! even if you're down at the last minute (and i mean, last minute) its still okay! XD remember, you'll have to tweet/blog/share on facebook about the giveaway and send proof to her. tweets carry one entry, sharing on facebook carries one entry and blogging carry two entries.

for more details, visit

Bliss Giveaway by


hmmm, not bad not bad, for a lousy routine person, i've signed into blogger again in less than a month's difference from the last post. hahahaha!! anyway, *cues siren* GIVEAWAY ALERTTTT!!!! YEAH! hahahaha silly me xD

this one's by for Bliss Soapy Suds Body Wash and Bubbling Bath Minis! there's be 5 lucky winners! (1, 2, 3, 4, HIGH 5!) HAHAHA apologies for being a lil off centre. i'm on a coffee high!

wanna participate? go here:

hurry cos its ending! get yours and smell oh-so-bubbly! (i know you secretly hate the smell of your soap XD)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vivawoman May 2011 Giveaway

WOOOO! I'M FINALLY BACK AFTER A LOOOOOONG BREAK~~ hahaha hope i still rmb how to blog. anw OFF TO BUSINESS!

so anw i was surfing facebook and suddenly... DUNDUNDUN!!! Vivawoman is having a May giveawayyy! BOOOYAH!! go to and participate XD $450 worth of goodies lehhh dun praypray (okayyy apologies for being damn lame but this JC student is TIRED) there are 2 ways to enter; one by facebook, one by commenting or promoting. so yeahhh go see what's up for grabs and choose what you want :) HURRYHURRYHURRY and participate. i know you want to~

so, watcha choosing? XD