Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Makeup Diary's 250 Followers Giveaway

First things first, O.M.G! You know what? i think my giveaway siren just burst into a million pieces. this is like, the HUGEST GIVEAWAY OF THE CENTURY!! eventual-winner-who-is-not-me, BEWARE!! i shall creep into your room in the middle of the night to loot your new booty! HARHARHAR!! hahaaha nah, you know i'm only joking right?? *bats eyelashes*

what? no? oh come on, i'm innocent! *gives innocent eyes*

AAANYWAY, back to business! makeup gals, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TAKE PART IN THIS GIVEAWAY! you'll thank me for it ^^

Head on to Makeup Diary at

good luck peeps!

Brittany Love MAC Giveaway

ATTENTION ALL MAC LOVERS! this giveaway is just for YOU!!

Head on to:

Brittany Love is having a MAC giveaway so hurry enter and cross your fingers! ^^

Forever '92 Giveaway

heyheys dudes and babes!

firstly, i have to apologise to the dudes, cos this is for the babes! *unless you like blue and pink nail polishes ^^*

GIVEAWAY by Forever '92!

its soo pretty! Join now!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Essential Oils by Spa Esprit


so, here's something for you guys. its all about the wonders of ESSENTIAL OILS!! yupyups~ there's a lot that you and I don't know about essential oils. for example, did you know that you could DRINK it? i certainly didn't O.o

since i myself am an amateur when it comes to Essential oils, i'll leave it to you guys to visit

there's a part 1 and part 2 of the post "Spa Esprit Power of Scent Essential Oils workshop". do read up on both to know more about essential oils and participate in their *DUNDUNDUNNNNN* GIVEAWAY! its a custom made shower gel made with essential oils from Spa Esprit! a fan of essential oils? love sweet and fruity scents? then this giveaway is just for you! how cool is that? XD

and btw, do support their blog too! XD


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beauty and Bows giveaway

whew i'm on a roll!

no need to guess what this is :D

Beauty and Bows giveaway!

PeaceLove(and)FashionXoXo 100 follower Giveaway

another giveaway by PeaceLove&FashionXoXo


100 follower giveaway! help her celebrate!

Silence is Loud 500 followers giveaway


check it out:

its to celebrate her 500 followers XD you'll win a ton of yummy goodies. so, watcha waiting for? help her celebrate wontcha? XD

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Miss drifted Snow White Giveaway



Sue Lynn Giveaway

ANOTHER GIVEAWAY PEEPOS!!! hahaha you know i'm crazy for them :) but hey, at least i share them with you so that you can win it too XD